Short history

It was Saturday, October 10, 2009 in Epernay, at a seminar in the district, in a "new technologies workshop" session, PhD Assistant Governor in charge of communication explained that each of the 50 clubs in the district must have a website done and invoiced by 5pointcom.  We were amazed to discover that the CEO of this company was none other than the deputy himself. It became apparent that this was a major conflict of interest, which we did not want to be victims.
Definition: "A conflict of interest occurs in a person who has to perform a function of general interest and whose personal interests are in competition with the mission entrusted to him."

I created (for free) our club sites and participate in a videoconference organized by Rotary International on the subject. I was able to ask my question, "may a governor impose on clubs a site provider?" Answer "each club must be free, it is abuse of power."

So I talked to the Governor Jean-Louis Le Nué at governor’s dinner , who referred me to PhD ... contact the fox to get news of the hens.
His successor Governor Patrick de La Brouhe packed me off aggressively, which triggered in 2010, opening the page you disliked so much.
Then Governor Jean-François Hamelin told me in front of my board for the annual meeting of the club visit (I was Chairman), this conflict of interest was his decision and that he fully assumed. The page is highly enriched.
Governor Chantal Lutz said at the same meeting the following year, this conflict of interest was to cease and she will act. Nothing has changed.
Governor Blondelet Didier told me the same thing the following year. And at the end of his term in August 2014, when redesigning the district website, we have finally been recognized as having a club website, almost 5 years after its creation and while this site was one of the most watched in France.
So far only the sites created and charged by PhD were lawful and recognized, so that only the clubs having one of its sites could compete for the District communication prize, awarded by PhD. During all those years the governors imposed on the clubs to make their web site by one of his assistants, who billed full price. I was told, but never wrote, that the clubs now had the right to create a website as they wanted.
I have not talked to Governor Francois Regis Brulé when he came because I thought the problem was on the way of being solved. This was not the case at all, since PhD was still in charge of communication and district sites and his advertising was just slightly more discreet on the district website.

Nobody so far has questioned the merits of what I denounced, difficult, because they are extracted from the district website and documents are indisputable.
Direct pressure means to close this page were unsuccessful; so the district has used ethically questionable means to achieve its ends, and succeeded.
The conflict of interest can therefore continue without witnesses, and I still do not understand why so many good people have worked hard to make possible such dishonesty.

For the record: a club web site is made of a structure which is conducted by an external provider or by the club itself, and contents (text, photos, videos, tables ...) necessarily made by the club and not the provider. If we want that all sites of a District are alike, just edit a graphic chart to follow. The right price for a simple site structure as that of a club is zero (or almost), it already exists all free. Have fun calculating the tens of thousands of dollars that have been charged to all clubs, which could have been used for humanitarian actions.

So I moved the offending page and replaced it by a small text that I thought insignificant:
This page I speak about Philippe Denoyer, manager of 5pointcom and then after its liquidation under justice decision, PhD Communication, companies specialized in communication and websites creation, specifically  for Rotary clubs; and the same person responsible for communication and websites of District 1750 in the Governor staff since 7 years.
This page has been moved at the request of District 1750 officials.

There is no value judgment, no comments, no personal opinions in this text, only a few known and public facts. Furthermore, as the average non-Rotarian cannot make the connection between the rotary clubs on one side, and a district on the other, it could not prejudice the Rotary. For the public this sentence is meaningless.
Well, it was even worse, PhD threatened to attack our club defamation, the Governor threatened to strike our club, and as this was not possible as the site on which the page was placed is not a club website, but a portal which I am the only editor, so the only responsible, the Governor François-Régis Brulé has asked my club to expel me.

I do not know PhD, I have seen him on stage when he was advertising its club sites, and denied to those who had not been created and imposed by him even the right to exist. He does not know me either. My action is not against him or against the governors and their staff, but for the truth and transparency in Rotary. The threats we received, always by telephone, never writing, have reinforced my belief that there was indeed something shameful, hidden and as William said something is rotten in the state of District, and strengthened me in the belief that it was my duty to denounce it, so that one day it ends.

Text written by Cyril Grandpierre under his own responsibility, extract from an email sent to
Jean-Louis Le Nué Past District Governor on 12.13.2014, in response to his email the day before: